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April 22, 2009 RSS feed / Opinion


CitiField, making memories and recalling history

We had the opportunity of at­tending a Mets game at CitiField last week, the first game the Mets won in their new stadium. More...

Reader offended by Dancing with the Stars outfits

Dear Editor: After seeing the women dancers' trashy get-ups on "Dancing With the Stars," the show should be renamed "Dancing With Hookers." Aren't they embarrassed and shouldn't the designer be fired forthwith? Shame on the network nitwits at ABC! More...


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Public Commentary

Not all change is for the better, says writer

Dear Editor: A heartfelt thank you to Christopher Noel Martinez for a well articulated letter on April 8, 2009. His last paragraph was very touching and brought tears to my eyes. His kind of spirit is the American dream come true! More...

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