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Copiague School District results

In Copiague, voters narrowly approved their budget, 748 to 728 and reelected two school board incumbents, Doris Fischer and Everett E. Newman II, with 864 and 702 votes respectively. The two ran unopposed. More...

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The following are a list of public meetings and special events for the coming week:
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Marion Gilfedder, formerly of Amityville

Marion Gilfedder, of Florida and formerly of Amityville, died May 8, 2004. She was 91 years old. More...


Another Memorial day at War

I have always been what my family calls a flag waver. Perhaps it More...

Remembering Memorial Day

Memorial Day is special to all who love freedom. It is a day set aside to remember the bravery, sense of duty, honor and ultimate sacrifice of those who have protected our freedom and those who do so today. More...

Keep reference to God in Pledge of Allegiance

With the battle raging across the country about the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance, I urge New Yorkers to show their support for keeping the reference to God in the pledge and is supporting a state resolution to address the i More...

Babylon Town students help document history of WWII vets

Every day, 1,700 United States veterans die, and with them dies a rich, living military history of dedicated American soldiers.The stories, the cornerstone of our freedoms, courage and patriotism, cannot be taught with a textbook. More...


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The First Annual

The first annual Spring Fling for Unity was held at the Huntington Town House. The event was in memory of Maxine Postal, a S.C. Legislator and former Presiding Officer whose work in the Amityville community was recognized. More...



A Copiague Mouthful

It was a frigid, snowy Christmas Eve; the year was 1936. While my dad held me in his arms in the standing-room-only church of Our Lady of the Assumption, I blinked my eyes, as it was way past my bedtime. More...

NAFCo stops dumpster blaze

The North Amityville Fire Company made a quick stop of a working dumpster fire on the east side of the parking lot at 15 Harrison Avenue apartment complex, April 23. Photo by Joe Turner More...

Two car collision at Oak and Broadway

Two cars collided at Broadway and Oak Street May 11. Three people were injured. Police Officer Joe Slack and Amityville Fire Department ex chief James Nolan were in charge at the scene. More...

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